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International Labelling Update

South Korea

28 March 2017 – A joint letter from the Embassies of Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, the EU and US was sent to the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare's. The letter sought clarification on the translation of the warnings particular the assertion of alcohol being a “direct cause of”, rather than “associated with” or “increasing risk of”  the various maladies noted. The embassies have requested an English translation be provided that more accurately reflects the casual relationship between alcohol consumption and the maladies. In addition the embassies sought extended adaptation period during which alcohol with previous labelling requirements can be imported and sold, without enforcement of the new requirements.


27 March 2017 - We have been advised that the Nepalese Ministry of Health have developed a National Alcohol Regulation and Control Policy. Within the document there is an article which requires a graphic health warning label to cover 75 percent of the bottle with pictures of a liver affected by cirrhosis or hear disease caused by the consumption of alcohol. This will be accompanied by "Consumption of alcohol is dangerous to health." It also includes minimum pricing (details to be determined) and sponsorship restrictions. The U.S. government has made an official request to Nepal for the regulation to be notified to the WTO and for Nepal to consider comments from international stakeholders. We will continue to monitor this process and provide comments once sought.