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WFA Letter to Politicians - 5 May 2017

WFA has made representations to all federal parliamentarians in electorates where Australian winemakers make significant economic and social contributions seeking their support for our industry.

See what we asked them…

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) is working hard to defend jobs and businesses in your electorate.

This week, the well-funded anti-alcohol lobby has aggressively targeted rural and regional winemakers, culminating in outrageous claims about the operations of our largest, and most successful businesses. They have also disparaged the more than 2,500 family winemaking businesses who are the economic and social backbone of many rural communities.

Australian winemakers have responded to these claims and defended our industry’s track record in working closely with Government and all parties to push through difficult reforms when needed (such as on tax) and our demonstrated commitment to consumer health. See our response here.

If the anti-alcohol lobby is genuine in wanting to target alcohol harm and misuse, it should follow the Australian wine industry’s lead and use its resources to fund programs that demonstrate its social responsibility credentials. Not just grandstand to grab headlines.

WFA makes no apologies for defending the jobs of over 170,000 workers and their families living in rural and regional Australia.

We urge you to continue to support your local winemakers and defend their right to operate without public harassment.

Kind regards,