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National Alcohol Strategy - Consultation Draft

The Draft NAS raises serious concerns for the alcohol sector as a whole. It focuses on population wide measures including increases in taxation, restricting availability and implementing bans on advertising, with an aim to decrease overall alcohol consumption. These measures include:

1.       Introducing a minimum floor price for alcohol

2.       Introducing a single national advertising code; reduce alcohol advertising assoc with sport

3.       Upgraded health warning labels

4.       Preventing promotion of discounted alcohol or special offers

5.       Limiting trading hours and type of drinks which can be purchased after a set time

6.       Excluding alcohol members from new Reference Group

For further detail on minimum floor pricing, including how, if implemented, it will affect wine businesses, and Australian Grape & Wine's position on it, read here:
What is a minimum floor price?

If you are concerned about these measures, you can raise them to your State and Federal politicians as well as anyone who comes to your cellar door.  

Australian Grape & Wine is deeply concerned by the anti-alcohol sentiments from some State Governments, and without grass roots support on this issue, it will take all our efforts to maintain our right to exist.


Download WFA's submision in response to the draft consultation here:
WFA National Alcohol Strategy Submission_February 2018


Download a copy of the Governments draft consultation paper here:
Consultation Draft National Alcohol Strategy 2018 - 2026