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Pregnancy Labelling Decision

Advocating for a fair and balanced mandatory pregnancy warning label is a high priority for Australian Grape & Wine. On Sunday 27 October 2019, we lodged our submission on the proposed label design with Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

We were delighted that so many members, state and regional associations also lodged submissions, making sure their state health and agriculture ministers understand the major problems with the FSANZ design.

While the consultation process is complete, in many ways the hard work is now ahead of us. We are not in any way attempting to roll-back the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation’s decision to mandate a pregnancy warning label. However, our view is that FSANZ’s proposal is a clear example of regulatory over-reach. It provides little evidence to suggest the proposed requirements will lead to behavioural change or increases in awareness beyond what we’ve seen as a result of current arrangements, including the voluntary DrinkWise labelling initiative.

While the benefits are unknown, it is absolutely clear that the proposed warning label will increase costs and set an unwanted precedent for future labelling decisions (think cancer warning labels next, larger warning labels in the future).

Australian Grape & Wine is working to ensure Ministers understand the ramifications of their decisions, and we encourage all of you to take any opportunity you have to raise this issue with your Federal, State or Territory political representatives.

Wine businesses can continue to use the voluntary DrinkWise logos on their labels in the interim if they choose to do so. This link will take you to a Hightail file which includes the logos and a simple style guide (no need for a subscription). 

The DrinkWise office is available for any questions you may have, on 03 9682 8641 and info@drinkwise.org.au.

If you require assistance or further information please contact Australian Grape & Wine on 08 8133 4300 and info@agw.org.au



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