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The Australian wine industry acknowledges the implications of climate change on the environment and our sector. We recognise the need for greater understanding with regard to its management. The industry accepts it has a relatively minor contribution to greenhouse gas emissions at the domestic and global level. However, we recognise the need to play a leadership role to adopt better emissions practices.

Through Australian Grape & Wine, the industry has taken a lead role in climate change management, via the early development of the Australian Wine Industry Carbon Calculator and the implementation of Entwine Australia: an industry program designed to underpin the environmental credentials of Australian wine. The industry is confident that it can respond to the challenges of climate change by understanding its sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, staying abreast of the latest research and development and promoting best practice and continuous improvement.

Australian Grape & Wine supports:

  • An enhanced capacity to respond and adapt to the impacts of climate change on wine grape production at a regional level;
  • An enhanced understanding of the sources of GHG emissions from all stages of grape growing, wine production, bottling/packaging, logistics and sales, both in Australia and overseas;
  • Wine business efforts to offset emissions and or gain emissions neutrality.
  • Continuous improvement by the Australian Wine Industry in greenhouse gas management, including minimising emissions;
  • Action by government to adopt a consistent approach to greenhouse gas and climate change, including adaptation strategies;
  • A rigorous economic assessment by the Australian government on climate change/greenhouse gas policies to determine the impact on regional, state and national economies
  • Consultation by the Australian government on these policies with the Australian wine industry; and
  • Australian Government recognition that vineyards deliver a tangible benefit and carbon offset due to carbon sequestration during each growing season and, with that recognition, allow the carbon sequestered to be offset against the annual carbon footprint.
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