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Water is essential to the viability of Australian wine businesses, therefore the Australian Grape & Wine believes that all members of the wine industry must demonstrate good water stewardship. Winemaking and viticulture practices must ensure the sustainability of water resources. In particular, Grape & Wine will promote efficient irrigation and an awareness of the industry’s impact on water resources, whilst seeking secure, fair and equitable access to water.

Australian Grape & Wine supports: 

  • Advocacy for water trading rules and processes, which allow for the open trade of water entitlements and allocations based on demand regardless of state and other jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Optimisation of water use within the sector, in particular, through implementation of best practices based on relevant research.
  • An enhanced wine industry understanding of water use efficiency and the impact on the environment and vine sustainability.
  • Opposition to action by other users, which impact negatively on the wine sector or the environment in regards to availability and quality of water.
  • A fair and open water trading market.
  • Improvements to water management and, where changes to the way that water is managed are proposed, that government or relevant authorities give appropriate consideration to the economic, environmental and social impacts at the regional level, and
  • Recognition and support of the wine industry for its water use efficacy and management.
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