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Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated

Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated (Australian Grape & Wine) is Australia’s national association of winegrape and wine producers. We provide leadership, strategy, advocacy and support that serves Australian grape and wine businesses now and into the future.

We represent the interests of the more than 2,500 winemakers and  5,000 winegrape growers working in Australia. Our role is to help forge a political, social and regulatory environment — in Australia and overseas — that enables profitable and sustainable Australian wine businesses. These businesses make a significant contribution to growing regional economies by driving growth in jobs, regional exports and food
and wine tourism.

Australian Grape & Wine’s voluntary membership represents over 75% of the national winegrape crush. We represent small, medium and large winemakers and winegrape growers from across the country.

Policy decisions by the Australian Grape & Wine Board require 80% support, ensuring no single category can dominate the decision-making process and guaranteeing policy is only determined if it provides significant industry benefit. In practice, most decisions are determined by consensus.

Australian Grape & Wine is recognised as the representative organisation for winegrape and wine producers under the Wine Australia Act 2013, and is incorporated under the SA Associations Incorporation Act 1985.

We work in partnership with the Australian Government to develop and implement policy that is in the best interests of winemakers and winegrape growers across Australia.