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Water For Irrigation and Production

Water is essential to the viability of Australian wine businesses, to waterways and to ecosystem health. All members of the wine sector must demonstrate good water stewardship in both winemaking and viticulture practices paying careful consideration to our role in protecting the viability of water resources.

To prosper, the sector relies on secure, fair, and equitable access to water today and into the future. Australian Grape & Wine will promote efficient irrigation practices that consider optimising value creation per megalitre.

Collectively, we all have an important role to play in encouraging:

  • Sector wide support for the optimisation of water use through strategic planning and research;
  • Adoption by grape and wine producers of best-practice water management to optimise sustainability and profitability of both the resource and individual businesses;
  • That all grape and wine producers measure and report on water use through their membership, and ideally certification, with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

We advocate for:

  • Research and innovation to support more efficient irrigation practices and optimising the value gained from our use of water;
  • Research and innovation to support winery water-use efficiency;
  • Government recognition and support of the wine sector for its water use efficiency and management;
  • Access to latest information regarding water supply and demand to inform evidence-based decision making;
  • A fair and open water trading market;
  • Minimisation of constraints to trade between States where possible;
  • Greater consistency of rules, processes, and information provision between State jurisdictions;
  • Effective enforcement of compliance by State jurisdictions;
  • That where changes to the way that water is managed are proposed, that government or relevant authorities give appropriate consideration to the economic, environmental and social impacts at the regional level;
  • Where Governments require water for the environment or other purposes, that it is acquired on the open market and paid for at fair market rates; and

Government policies support diversity of industries across regions.

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