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Biosecurity, Environment and Sustainability

Australia’s vineyards, and our vineyard assets underpin much of the success of the wine sector. Australia is fortunate to lay claim to some of the oldest grapevines in the world, providing a powerful narrative in building our fine wine identity in a highly competitive global market. Pests and diseases, both endemic and exotic, pose a constant threat.

Maintaining a secure biosecurity environment in Australia is critical to safeguarding Australia’s high quality wine grape supply, its vineyards, and its associated businesses.

Economically viable and environmentally sustainable production are essential preconditions to a dynamic and internationally respected grape and wine sector. Australian Grape & Wine encourages activities that place value on our natural capital and has adopted positions covering biodiversity, climate change, energy, waste, water, and environmental assurance.

Providing environmental assurance to markets, along with a robust framework that promotes sustainable grape and wine production are important mechanisms both in ensuring the ongoing prosperity of the sector and in branding Australian wine.   

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) may only be grown, imported, and transported in Australia with the approval of the Regulator. The ACT, South Australia and Tasmania have restrictions on growing GM crops due to marketing issues. Australian Grape & Wine has adopted the following position on GMOs

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