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Growing Our Exports

Australian Grape & Wine’s activities under the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (AMTAC) grants program, which aim to grow and expand Australian wine exports in line with the goals set in the grape and wine sector’s Vision 2050, are well underway.

Stage 1

Marketing and Promotion strategy for new and emerging markets 

This includes a high level of engagement and collaboration across industry and related entities, including Wine Australia and Austrade. This project will encompass building in a feedback loop framework to build more effective engagement with State and Regional bodies, as well as a tighter alignment to industry strategy. The framework will include a unifying vision, supporting pillars, and a template for opportunity identification, market analysis, and activation that aligns to the identified strategic priorities.

Short-term marketing and promotion pilot activations 

Through a consultative process, our Marketing Committee identified South Korea and Japan as the preferred markets for activation. As with the Marketing and Promotion strategy for new and emerging markets project, this process includes the creation of a framework for programme delivery that can be repeated and applied to future activations in other markets. The focus will be on adapting a core strategic platform and delivering it in a way that is relevant to the target market, as well as ensuring that each activation has clear objectives with a robust measurement and evaluation component.

A schedule of works has also been prepared which will see the strategic framework completed by December 2021, and execution of in market pilot activations (COVID and other external factors pending) will be rolled out from January–March 2022.

Trade and market access strategy & action plan 

Australian Grape & Wine has for many years undertaken a comprehensive Trade and Market Access strategy and work plan, which has guided efforts to harmonise trade and remove trade barriers for the export of Australian wine. Constantly changing market conditions and industry priorities requires a consistent, ongoing review of the strategy to ensure it delivers on the priorities of the sector. The focus of this strategy will be on activities that can be undertaken in the short, medium and long-term, to encourage international cooperation and engagement, to remove trade barriers and unnecessary costs associated with export. Delivery of the outcomes and the Action Plan associated with this strategy will commence in Stage 2 of the project.   

Supporting Australian wine producers to enter the USA market confidently, effectively and efficiently

We are well advanced in the development of the US market entry matrix and associated materials. To ensure exporters can easily get the full benefits of this program, we will deliver these materials to the sector through the development of a straight forward web-map interface and supporting materials. These will include:

  1. A jurisdictional/political (state) map that can be filtered by wine laws, market structure, channel availability and wine producer preference to the greatest extent allowed by data availability.
  2. A zoomable satellite map indicating major commercial opportunity centres based around searchable elements that are indicators of commercial wine opportunity.

The interface will allow businesses to filter by commercial opportunity, how the company currently sells wine and by analysis of ease and risks of access. This helps to avoids the pitfall of looking at structure first before making commercial decisions, giving commercial opportunity equal weighting with analysing state structure.

Testing of the interface is expected to commence in mid-November with the deliverable well on track for completion by the state ATMAC project timeline of January 2022.

Stage 2 

Australian Grape & Wine will seek additional funding under ATMAC in early 2022 to deliver Stage 2 of the project. Stage 2 will build on the learning and strategies developed under the initial stage and commence a planned delivery of activities aimed at growing and expanding Australian wine exports.  

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