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Policy advocacy involves working to achieve change in a particular area by seeking to influence public policy – including laws, regulations and government practices.  Australian Grape & Wine represents the grape and wine sector’s interests through brokering and advocating policy positions based on sound evidence with sector-wide support.

How we advocate for grape & wine businesses


Australian Grape & Wine will always bring issues for concern or opportunity to the attention of our Members. Digital means of communication are the quickest way to contact large groups of people quickly, and we do this by Electronic Direct Mail campaigns (EDM), targeted email, social media posts and updates to our website.  Where relevant, we will call members directly to discuss an issue and you are always welcomed to contact us with any concern you have regarding your business.

Your representatives on our Board and Membership Committees have direct communication with Australian Grape & Wine, through regular virtual and face to face meetings.  These elected representatives are a great way for you to have your voice heard on issues that are relevant to your business.  Nominations for these positions are annual.  See here for more information on nominating for a position on your relevant membership committee.

Political Pressure

There are many ways to influence governments and politicians, all of which can shift laws, policies and regulations. Governmental and political structures are complex and can vary. Here are some regular and effective political pressure tactics that Australian Grape & Wine use:

Face-to-Face Lobbying  We meet with political representatives in person to discuss an issue, often bringing our members with us to tell their story directly to the policy makers.
Messages to Politicians  We regularly contact politicians and government officials directly with emails, letters, telephone calls, and social media.  For effective and powerful advocacy, it is critical that we are all providing a consistent message on an issue or topic.  That’s why Australian Grape & Wine provide key messages, templates and contact details for our members, State and Regional Associations. 

It is hard to divide and conquer when we are all delivering the same message.
Contacting Local Media  Letters published in local newspapers, magazines, or blogs are often read by a politician or their staff, especially if they mention the politician or are related to an issue / issues they are working on; the same is often true for call-in segments on local TV and radio.

Key Messages / Industry Briefing Notes

When Australian Grape & Wine is taking the lead advocating on a specific issue or policy that would be enhanced with industry support, we will provide Key Messages and / or a Briefing Note on the issue.  We will communicate with Members and stakeholders on the issue and provide the relevant tools and resources for you to support us.

Communication Examples

We have supplied some examples of letters to Senators and Members to help you draw up your own letter / email. 

Contacting Senators and Members

Senators and Members individually decide their preferred web-based contact method. To contact your Senator or Member first find their home page using the below search tool. Their home page will contain their contact details and best method of contacting them.

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