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Cyber Security for small – medium grape and wine businesses

Any business, of any size or sector, is at risk of being targeted by malicious actors in cyber space, and such incidents can have devastating impacts .Threats range from criminal actions (fraud, theft of personal details, ransomware, and the like) to the actions of foreign powers and their proxies.

The impacts of a cyber-attack on your business, whether you are big or small, could be significant. These include direct financial impacts, loss of access to systems and information, compromised customer data information such as credit cards and contact details, identity theft, and the likelihood that your business in will be forced to cease operations for a lengthy period.

Safeguarding your business from such criminal activities is far more effective than dealing with the aftermath of an attack. Australian Grape & Wine encourages all members to familiarise themselves with the excellent resources available at the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s website – The website is packed with information for members, ranging from the importance of protecting your customers’ information (credit card details, personal details etc.), to securing your networks and ensuring your staff understands the importance of making sure their day-to-day activities online are in line with good cyber security practices.

We also encourage members to listen to our Podcast with Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director of Taylors Wines, who describes the attack they experienced, what they learned as a business and some handy tips for all businesses to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Resources & Information

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has a dedicated webpage for small and medium businesses with resources to help them protect their businesses from the most common cyber security incidents.

As the Australian Cyber Security Centre notes, cyber security doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple measures that can be implemented to avoid or reduce the impact of the most common cyber security incidents. Australian Grape & Wine also encourages all members to talk to their financial institutions for advice on their business.

The following links are a great starting point for any business that wishes to improve its cyber security practices.

Furthermore, businesses can and should report suspected cyber-crimes to the Australian Cyber Security Centre by phone (1300 292 317) or online at

Download the Australian Grape & Wine Cyber Security on a Page document for your reference.

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