Policy & Issues

Policy & Issues

Hot Issues
Australian Grape & Wine has it’s finger on the pulse when it comes to the Hot Issues affecting the Australian wine sector.

Australian Grape & Wine regularly makes submissions to Parliamentary, Government and departmental enquiries.

Diversity & Equality in Wine
Australian Grape & Wine have taken the lead in the sector regarding gender equality, creating the Diversity & Equality Charter for the Australian wine sector.

Wine Equalisation Tax (WET)
Australian Grape & Wine leads the industry position on WET, including the provision of information for the sector on the changes to current legislation and how the changes will affect Australian wine making businesses.

Alcohol & Health
There is strong support from most States & Territory Governments, for a change in policy from the current voluntary system to a Mandatory Health Labelling system.  Winemakers will go from having the ability to choose the size, type & location of the warning label, to a stricter, regulated system resulting in additional costs, barriers to trade and added regulatory burdens.

Australian Grape & Wine will continue to advocate for evidence-based alcohol policy, with a focus on the right to operate and responsible consumption of alcohol.  We are currently in discussions regarding alternate solutions to mandatory health labelling to prevent additional costs and red tape to Australian wine businesses. 

Trade & Market Access
Maximising your global market export opportunities.

Australian Grape & Wine will continue to ensure barriers to trade are removed or reduced where applicable, and will continue to actively advocate for fair trade arrangements for all Australian winegrape and wine producers.

Biosecurity, Environment & Sustainability
Sustaining our resources and protecting our environment are integral to our nation’s ongoing prosperity.  Similarly, the prosperity of Australia’s grape and wine producing businesses relies on these same resources and on maintaining the trust of both our customers and the broader set of stakeholders who value our environment.  

Research & Development

Australian Grape & Wine ensures the industry’s voice is heard when decisions are made about funding and priorities for wine sector research, development and extension activities.

Technical & Packaging
Australian Grape & Wine provides technical support and advice to winemakers through two strategic committees and ongoing advocacy with Federal Government agencies. 

Geographical Indications and Grape Variety protection
Increased efforts to protect GI’s are a growing threat to wine producers, including the right to produce and label grape variety names in domestic and export markets.

Australian Grape & Wine is utilising its international networks to coordinate responses against these efforts and is strongly advocating against these types of restrictions to trade. 

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