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Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is an advisory Committee of Australian Grape & Wine, which was re-formed in 2017, in place of the Innovation Policy Committee.

The role of the RAC is to provide broad recommendations and advice to the Australian Grape & Wine executive with regards to research, development, extension and innovation for the Australian wine industry. A key function of the committee includes advising Wine Australia of industry perspective on RD&E project proposals.

The RAC will comprise Australian wine grape growers and winemakers. It will meet at least twice each year and when required.


  • Rebekah Richardson - Wine Ingenuity (Chair)
  • Alison Soden – Treasury Wine Estates
  • Samantha Scarratt - Accolade Wines
  • Jean MacIntyre – Pernod Ricard Winemakers
  • Jason Amos - Lallemand
  • Prue Henschke - Henschke
  • Jim Caddy – Grape Grower 
  • Gwyneth Olsen – Pepper Tree Wines


  • Tony Battaglene – Australian Grape & Wine
  • Anna Hooper - Australian Grape & Wine
  • Liz Waters - Wine Australia
  • Damien Griffante - Australian Grape & Wine
  • Wine Australia RD&A staff
  • Sandy Davis - Minute Taker


The terms of reference for the RAC can be downloaded here.