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Long-term India Strategy

Building on the recently announced trade agreement between Australia and India, this aspect of the project involves activity aimed at supporting technical exchange and regulatory cooperation on wine between the two countries. It will involve both industry and government regulatory engagement in efforts towards further cooperation on wine and improving trade in wine beyond the outcomes of the FTA.

It will allow Australian Grape & Wine the resourcing to initiate its long-term strategy for India involving:

  • Key stakeholder mapping exercise of major players and their role in wine production in India. 
  • Work on establishing practice of bilateral meetings in the margins of international forums of shared membership
  • Building technical expertise in India – Business to Business.
  • Building technical expertise in India – regulator to regulator.
  • Explore options to use wine as a driver of deeper bilateral engagement between Australia and India across business, culture and sport.

These activities will utilise the remaining 10% of the available grant funds during 2022 to 2024 and will be continued beyond the completion of this grant funding in line with the longer-term India strategy.

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