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The Australian wine sector acknowledges the impacts and ongoing threats that climate change places on our environment and our sector. Planning for the immediate challenges of climate change in the vineyard is essential for winegrape growers and winemakers, as the effects of climate change can impact on competitiveness of the sector.

Adaption strategies are essential, but we also have a responsibility to engage in direct mitigation strategies. Australia’s grape and wine producers are well placed to embrace the opportunities as they arise during our transition to a lower emissions future.

With a bold vision to achieve net zero direct emissions by 2035, grape and wine producers must commit to responding to the impacts of climate change by monitoring carbon emissions and investing in opportunities and innovation to reduce emissions. 

Collectively, we all have an important role to play in encouraging:

  • Continuous improvement by the Australian wine sector in greenhouse gas management, including minimising emissions;
  • That the grape and wine sector reports on emissions of all grape and wine producers and measures progress against sector targets;
  • Uptake of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia membership to ensure consistent reporting; and
  • That businesses making carbon neutral claims ensure consistency with Australian and international reporting standards.

We advocate for:

  • Research that supports an enhanced understanding of the sources of carbon emissions from all stages of grape growing, wine production, bottling/packaging, logistics and sales, both in Australia and overseas;
  • That our efforts to offset emissions and/or move towards carbon neutrality are promoted to, and recognised by, our governments;
  • A consistent approach to mitigation and adaptation policies across States and Territories;
  • A rigorous economic assessment by the Australian Government on climate change/greenhouse gas policies to determine the impact on regional, state, and national economies;
  • That the Australian Government collaborates and consults with the sector on any policies impacting the Australian wine sector; and
  • Recognition that our vineyards deliver a tangible benefit and carbon offset due to carbon sequestration during each growing season and, with that recognition, allow the carbon sequestered to be offset against the annual carbon footprint.
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