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Providing environmental assurance to markets, along with a robust framework for sustainable grape and wine production are important in branding Australian wine.  Australian Grape & Wine supports Australia’s unified national program for the Australian wine industry, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

This voluntary national environmental assurance program, strives to meet the following objectives:

1. To improve the environment through the broad uptake of an internationally recognised, robust and defensible program;

2. To assure stakeholders that Australian wine is sustainably produced;

3. To communicate Australia’s approach to sustainable production of wine, to leverage the intrinsic value of Wine Australia’s Made Our Way campaign; and

4. To protect against risk of future market access barriers imposed by customers.

As market demands evolve and the scope of interests broaden to include a range of other aspects of sustainable grape and wine production, Australian Grape & Wine will continue to support a progressive, robust and coordinated national approach, which provides the wine industry:

1. Sustainability – A sustainability framework that meets industry standards and encourages best practice in terms of environmental performance, biosecurity and social licence to operate.

2. Business – A system that provides benefit to businesses – by being is accessible and relevant to a range of businesses, encouraging continuous improvement and providing value to those who demonstrate leadership.

3. Transparency –Defensible and accurate data that represents regional and national resource use.       

4. Market Access – A framework that will allow the wine sector to meet international expectations and maintain competitiveness.

5. Australian Wine Brand – An integrated approach that will leverage the Australian Wine Industry’s commitment to sustainability and adds value to Wine Brand Australia.

For further information about the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, click here, contact the AWRI on 08 8313 6600 or visit  https://www.awri.com.au/industry_support/sustainable-winegrowing-australia/

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