Bee Connected launch

Australian Grape & Wine were fortunate to attend the launch of the next generation of the world first “BeeConnected” app at Parliament House last month.  BeeConnected is an international award-winning free app that allows farmers and beekeepers to communicate and collaborate to protect managed honey bees from farm spray activities.  This ensures the safety of bees and encourages sustainable farming practices.  While grapevines don’t need bees for pollination, vineyards need bees to pollinate the plants and cover crops that promote a healthy ecosystem – from soil health to disease control – and produce better quality grapes.  A vineyard in balance also means less pesticides and fertilisers.

The app enables beekeepers to:

  • Easily register hive location
  • Plan hive movements, notify farmers about live location changes in advance
  • Be aware of nearby crop protection activities
  • Easily contact farmers, share information about beehives

The app enables farmers to:

  • Easily register farm location
  • Share information about planned crop protection activities
  • Receive instant notifications of nearby beehives
  • communicate

This fantastic initiative was launched at Parliament House by the Hon. Kristy McBain MP and CropLife’s Matthew Cossey.  A great example of plant science combined with innovation and input from the Australian agriculture industry providing practical solutions for farmers.  You can find out more information here.

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