Copper sulphate permitted for use in Japan

As noted in October’s Member Bites, copper sulphate has recently been permitted for use in Japan.

The approval means that copper sulphate may be used in the winemaking process, before and after the completion of liquor production, for wine destined for Japan. Importantly, no changes have been made in relation to its use as an agrochemical.

This is great news, as harmonization of permissible use of additives and processing aids in Japan, particularly copper sulphate, has been a long running challenge for the Australian wine sector which we have been seeking to resolve.

Refer to Wine Australia’s Export Market Guide – Japan for more information on export compliance in Japan. Further guidance in relation to MRLs and the use of copper sulphate as an agrochemical is available on the AWRI’s website and in the AWRI’s “Dog Book”.

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