EU Nutrition and Ingredient Labelling enters into force

The European Union’s (EU) nutrition and ingredient requirements came into force on 8 December 2023. In late November 2023, the EU published a Q&A document seeking to clarify aspects of the regulations. Since the last update Australian Grape & Wine has continued to work with World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) members, Comité Vins (CEEV) and the European Commission to clarify any of the remaining uncertainties of these measures.

The requirements mean that for wines produced on or after 8 December 2023, producers must disclose:

  • a nutrition declaration
  • an energy value, and
  • a list of ingredients.

We encourage all business’ intending on exporting product to the EU to familiarise themselves with these new requirements. Further information and supports are available from the Wine Australia website including an Updated Wine Australia Guidance Paper, a link to the EU nutrition and ingredient labelling webinar held on 29 August 2023 and the EU Export Market Guide.

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