Invitation to for suitably skilled individuals to join the Plant Surveillance Network

A new Plant Surveillance network convened by Plant Health Australia is calling for anyone involved in any crop monitoring for pests and diseases to consider joining the network.

Plant Surveillance Network Australasia–Pacific

To be eligible to join the PSNAP you should be working in agriculture and horticulture in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific nations or neighbouring countries, with a professional interest in surveillance, including crop inspection and pest monitoring.  This professional interest can be at the operational, planning and/or policy level. Examples of who should become members include people:

•   directly involved in an industry-based biosecurity surveillance program or a business- based crop monitoring crop program

•   working on government led surveillance and associated activities

•   working on a relevant research discipline (government, university, museum, or private research organisation)

•   working in the fields of crop consultancy, agronomy or extension

•   involved in community-based biosecurity surveillance programs (such as the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network, the Indigenous Ranger program, and regional community-based programs)

•   have an interest in surveillance (such as members of the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics Network)

To join the network and receive membership, individuals must register on the website but clicking Join on the homepage and filling in the registration form.

People who do not fit within one or more of these descriptions may be still eligible to join the surveillance network. You can apply by emailing and outlining your interest in membership.

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