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Australia – EU FTA GI objections for Prosecco

Following the end of the public consultation period on 13 November 2019, we understand that Australian wine producer submissions have been very well received by government. There were submissions from individual businesses, regional associations, state associations, legal and academic experts, all objecting to the protection of Prosecco as a GI in Australia.

We have been informed that the number and quality of Prosecco submissions received was the highest of all food and spirit products. Some producers received personalised responses directly from the Trade Minister Simon Birmingham. While this effort was great and achieved its objective, we need to keep up the pressure. Australian Grape & Wine will continue to press publicly and directly to politicians and negotiators to ensure the Australian Government keeps Prosecco on its mind as negotiations continue in 2020.

The next negotiation is scheduled for February 2020. Look out for our “Prosecco GI Lie” article in the summer edition of the Wine and Viticulture Journal and our next Prosecco parliamentary event planned for early 2020. 

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