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Australia – EU FTA Negotiations

There is still plenty of time to contribute to the process and European Union’s (EU) list of GIs for public objection as part of the Australia –EU FTA Negotiations. Last month we provided an overview of the current process and what the producers can do to assist in protecting their rights to use the grape variety Prosecco. We urge you all to please contact if you are a Prosecco producer and are interested in engaging to help protect our rights to produce Prosecco.

Also related to the FTA negotiations, Australian Grape & Wine is interested to hear from any Australian producers who producer Grappa (a spirit producer from distillation of grape marc) commercially.

Grappa is a term that appears on the list, which the EU is seeking protection for as a GI. As we are aware of some producers in the Australian wine industry, we will likely be raising an objection to the term being protected as an EU GI.  Please Contact Damien as per above if you are a commercial grappa producer.

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