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Sustainability, there is no better time to get involved (Part 1)

Australian Grape & Wine are working with AWRI towards the launch of a trust mark to support our united national program, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. The trust mark, aimed for development early next year, will add an important value proposition for current and potential members of the program at the same time as providing customers and consumers greater confidence about the integrity of the sector’s sustainability claims.  Existing members have already gained a number of business advantages from joining the program, particularly in terms of identifying areas to improve their environmental performance. If you’re yet to join, the time is now! Join here.

 “Being a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia formally acknowledges our commitment to the program, enables us to identify inefficiencies and drives change within the business.” Shelley Ray-Brennan, Grape Supply Manager, Kingston Estate Wines, Certified Winegrowing Australia member, Riverland, Coonawarra, Central Victoria.

“In the context of climate change, Sustainable Winegrowing Australia helps us to understand our greenhouse gas emissions and provides prompts to find innovative solutions to reduce our emissions.” Chris Brodie, General Manager – Viticulture, Katnook Estate, Certified Sustainable Winegrowing Australia member, Coonawarra.

“Completing the workbook each year helps us to set the direction for the year and also to identify what we need to do to improve and be truly sustainable” Anton Groffen, Viticulturist, Wirra Wirra, McLaren Vale.

The program now has more than 600 active members across 43 wine regions. Since the opening of the program on 1 July 2019, many new vineyard and winery members from across Australia have also joined.  For any queries about the program or how to join, contact the AWRI helpdesk on 08 8 313 6600 or

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