More label changes in the pipeline

Food Standards Australia – New Zealand (FSANZ) has announced it is undertaking work to consider amending the Food Standards Code to provide energy information on alcoholic beverage labels. This work will progress in tandem with a separate piece of work looking into carbohydrate and sugar claims on alcoholic beverages.

Australian Grape & Wine will participate in targeted stakeholder consultations mid-year and it is anticipated that public consultation processes will occur in late 2022. Australian Grape & Wine will provide submissions to both processes, and there will be opportunities for individual businesses to do the same if they desire.

While each issue is subject to consultation across the entire alcohol beverages sector, public health groups and consumer groups, we note that FSANZ has indicated a preference for a mandatory labelling option for the energy labelling proposal. We will consider all options that are workable for Australian wine businesses and encourage an approach that is practically workable and cost-effective.

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