New Virus Detection in SA

New Virus Detection in South Australia

Vinehealth Australia and Australian Grape & Wine advise industry of the detection of five grapevine viruses not previously known to be present in Australia. They were identified using the powerful analysis technique of High Throughput Sequencing (HTS)1. These viruses have previously been reported overseas but studied in a limited capacity. Findings from these studies and discussions with Australian grapevine virologists suggest the impact of these five viruses on grapevine health, yield and quality, is minimal.
More detailed information is available on the Vinehealth Australia website by following the link below.
Five previously undetected grapevine viruses found in South Australia – Vinehealth Australia
As the signatory to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed, Australian Grape & Wine receives notifications regarding any new exotic pest detections that have the potential to impact grapevines. This information is provided to all impacted state and territory governments and any other affected industry parties through the Consultative Committee for Emergency Plant Pests (CCEPP).
In the unlikely event that any of these five viruses are subsequently found to impact upon vine health, we will be notified via the CCEPP and consider whether there is justification for further action.

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