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The decision by China’s Ministry of Commerce to impose dumping and countervailing duties on Australian bottled wine of up to 218.4%, has effectively closed off Australian wines largest export market. This has created a $1.2 billion, 130 million litre shortfall, which now needs to be addressed by the sector to ensure ongoing sustainability. 

While the Australian wine sector maintains no dumping has occurred, we must accept this decision for what it is, and adapt to this dynamic and changing environment. For those businesses most impacted by these changes, Australian Grape & Wine has prepared a number of resources designed to assist in this transition. There remains ongoing opportunities to continue to work with Chinese partners, Government, and other stakeholders to create more positive trading relations and partnerships.

We will also continue to work with the sector and the Australian Government to ensure market diversification resourcing and activities are coordinated, effective and deliver outcomes that support the sectors’ success across a broad range of export markets. More information will be available soon on our framework for market diversification and the supports that will be available.

In May 2021 Australian Grape and Wine held a Seminar: Changing market dynamics and future opportunities to discuss with those in our sector who had been most impacted, the current situation, available supports and plans for the future.

View recording of the seminar on our You Tube Channel here.


Feedback on process for seeking temporary MRL in Grapes

GI and Trademark protection in China

Seminar presentations
All presentations made in the May 2021 seminar video.

Technical report
Australian Grape & Wine have sought to clarify a number of technical questions around Chinese’s regulatory standards and their interpretation.

Basic Guide of China New Food Additive Authorization
This document provides a guide to the process for food additive registration in China.

Guidance for bulk wine exporters to China (English)

 针对出口中国桶装葡萄酒的出口商指南 (Mandarin Chinese)

Media Release
Australian Grape & Wine welcomes the Australian Government’s decision to pursue case with the WTO – 19 June 2021

Supported by the Australia China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement.

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