Policy & Issues

2016 Archive Submissions

December: (PDF) WFA Comments on the draft Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (Container            Deposit Scheme) Regulation 2016  

October: (PDF) WET Rebate: Tightened Eligibility Criteria, Submission to the Implementation Paper

September: (PDF) Submission to the Regulatory Framework Discussion Paper: NSW Container Deposit            Scheme

June: (PDF) Submission on Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement

May: (PDF) Submission to the Australian Farm Institute paper commissioned by the PBCRC titled:            A Sustainable Research and Development and Extension System to Support National            Plant Health

April: (PDF) Submission to the Senate Inquiry into anti-competitive conduct in the retail wine industry and the role of the ACCC

March: (PDF) Submission of the Australian Wine Industry to Select Committee on Unconventional Gas            Mining

February: (PDF) Submission to the NSW Government on their proposed Container Deposit Scheme (PDF) Submission on ‘options to strengthen the misuse of market power’ (PDF) Pre-Budget Submission for the 2016 Federal Budget

January: (PDF) Submission to the Country of Origin Labelling Taskforce

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