Reminder – Online Resources Available for Vintage 2023

A reminder to Australian grape and wine producers of the available online resources for Vintage 2023.

Combined, the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), Wine Australia and Australian Grape &Wine have a number of resources available to winegrape growers and winemakers for use during our annual harvest.

We have pulled together a list of Industry endorsed standard procedures that may assist you during Vintage this year:

AWRI Resources

Agrochemicals – The Australian Wine Research Institute (

Managing botrytis in the vineyard and winery

Salinity management interpretation guide

Salt in grapes and wine

Defining berry ripeness

Objective measures of grape quality

Site factors affecting berry ripening

Post harvest care of tired vines

Matter other than grapes (MOG) information pack

Australian Grape & Wine Resources

Measurement of Brix (or Baume) in grapes juice.

Determination of total anthocyanins in Grapes.

Vineyard Sampling Guideline document.

Development and validation of secondary analytical methods.

Method for Sampling Grapes in the Vineyard for Assessing Berry Composition at Harvest

Standard method for determining MOG

Please use the resources of the AWRI Help Desk for further assistance on (08) 8313 6600 during business hours, or email All services are subject to the AWRI’s standard Terms and Conditions.

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