Update on FSANZ Energy Labelling of alcoholic beverages

Last month we noted Australian Grape & Wine had been invited by FSANZ to participate in a targeted consultation meeting regarding Proposal P1059 – Energy labelling on alcoholic beverages. The meeting was set up following the release of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) Consumer research report, which was undertaken to inform this proposal. FSANZ presented on the outcomes of the consumer research and provided those who attended the opportunity to provide feedback. Written comments from participants were also sought following the meeting.  

The results of FSANZ consumer research preference an option for mandatory labelling of energy content on alcoholic beverages referred to as “Label E” (see below). FSANZ asserted that the research concluded that “Label E best enabled consumer understanding of the energy content information and did not result in any negative unintended consequences.”

Australian Grape & Wine raised concerns during the consultation and followed up with written comments on the complexity, relevance, international consistency and potential cost implications of the current proposed approach on Australian wine businesses. .We have also worked with other alcohol sectors (beer, spirits and cider), retailers, states and our respective New Zealand counterparts to advocate for a simplified harmonised approach in our feedback to FSANZ.

We have also requested adequate transition arrangements be incorporated into any future labelling changes and have requested further consultation with FSANZ on wine before finalising this proposal.

FSANZ is currently finalising its assessment and refining the regulatory approach for Proposal P1059. At this stage, FSANZ is planning to present an Approval Report and DRIS to the FSANZ Board for consideration in June 2024

Australian Grape & Wine continues its advocacy on this issue during 2024 to seek outcomes in the interests of Australian grape and wine producers.

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