Update regarding the Code of Conduct for Winegrape Purchases

A significant downturn in wine exports and high inventory levels in Australian wineries have led to supressed winegrape prices in many parts of Australia. These challenging times have raised general concerns from growers about the state of the market. We have also heard several more specific concerns regarding individual dealings with buyers. Although low prices alone are not necessarily a sign of market failure, issues that may be questionable relate to how prices are determined, and/or how decisions are made regarding rejection of grapes. We encourage growers to either supply to signatories to the Code of Conduct for Winegrape Purchases or to encourage their winemakers to sign the Code. As suppliers to Code Signatories, growers have access to a process for resolving issues in a quick and cost-effective way.

However, we often hear that growers lack confidence to raise a dispute with their purchasing winery or that the process is complicated. We have listened to these concerns and in 2024, intend to make some alterations to the Dispute Resolution procedure to make it easier for growers. 

The usual first point of contact for suppliers to Code signatories considering initiating a dispute is our Code Secretariat who you can contact via our website. If you would like to have a confidential conversation about your rights under the Code, there are several growers and grower bodies who have indicated their willingness to assist growers navigate these really difficult times, as has the Chair of Australian Grape & Wine Vignerons Committee, Ashley Keegan. Please send a request to if you would like us to put you in touch with either Ashley or a regional grower body.

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