Wine Industry Targets FASD

On 9 September, International FASD Awareness Day, Australian Grape & Wine acknowledges the great work done by Drinkwise Australia, with their FASD Awareness Program.

The National Wine Foundation (NWF) identified Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as a critical problem that requires urgent action and investment to combat. The NWF has contributed $400k to the DrinkWise FASD Awareness Program, which is comprised of a suite of targeted awareness measures, and is supported by the Australian wine sector and the Australian Government through the Department of Health.

The program has rolled-out messaging on the risks of FASD from drinking while pregnant, including through pregnancy magazine advertising, and FASD videos in rural and regional medical clinics. The program is strengthening awareness of FASD across Australia.

This material can also be seeded into school curriculums, providing the valuable opportunity for early intervention awareness measures, and the opportunity for generational (attitudinal and behavioural) change.


About the National Wine Foundation
The NWF was established in 2001 through funds contributed by the Australian wine sector with the objective of preventing harmful consumption of alcohol.

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