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Key Messages – China anti-dumping investigation on wines from Australia

31 August 2020

  • The China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA) has requested the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) launch separate anti-dumping and countervailing duties investigations on Australian wine in China.
  • The anti-dumping investigation was officially initiated by MOFCOM on 18 August 2020 via public notification.
  • The investigation will take at least 12 months, with the possibility of an extension of a further 6 months.
  • The countervailing duties investigation as part of this request was announced by MOFCOM on 31 August 2020.
  • We do not believe that the Australian grape and wine sector has a case to answer and that any investigation will demonstrate this.
  • Australian Grape & Wine and our exporting companies will cooperate fully with this investigation in good faith.
  • This is a technical-based investigation and will require the provision and analysis of a lot of data.
  • This investigation does not have an immediate impact.
  • China is an important market for Australian wine and our wine is in demand from Chinese consumers.
  • There were 2282 active Australian exporters to mainland China as of June 2020.
  • Australia has a large number of exporters with close cultural ties to China.
  • The Australian industry welcomes the opportunity to build on these ties and work with the Chinese industry and government to further technical cooperation and develop lasting relationships.
  • Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia are working in close collaboration with the Australian Government to monitor and support the sectors’ interests in this investigation.

China-Wine: Anti-Dumping Investigation Timeline

18 August 2020AD investigation initiation (public notice)
7 September 2020Deadline for AD registration as interested party (20 days from initiation)
7 September 2020Deadline for AD written submissions in response to initiation (20 days from initiation)
17 September 2020Deadline for MOFCOM to issue AD questionnaires (within 10 days from the deadline for registration)
TBADeadline for submission of AD questionnaire responses (should have (a minimum of) 30 days to complete with the possibility of extension)
17 October 2020Earliest possible date for AD provisional measures (60 days from initiation of investigation)
18 August 2021Deadline for Final Determination and decision on imposition of measures
18 February 2022[In the event the investigation is extended 6 months due to special circumstances] Deadline for Final Determination and decision on imposition of measures
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